Mosquito Coast Factory, Atelier Benoît-Marie Moriceau




Marianne Vitale

Permanent work


Barrage du lac de la vallée Mabile

44260 Savenay




First permanent installation of the artist on the French territory, the work consists of nine sculptures made from referral elements from Pennsylvania, the hub of railway construction in the United States. Arranged vertically and subtracted from their functionality, these track devices take on the appearance of totemic or even anthropomorphic figures. The Worthies symbolically echo this incredible transatlantic movement of men, materials and equipment deployed during the Great War. The complex is located on the edge of the Mabile Valley lake dam, an emblematic structure built in 1918 to supply the largest military hospital behind the front. Located in a natural and wooded environment, the manufactured character and the industrial aesthetic are here multiplied, reminding as much the conquest of a virgin territory as the deployment of an artillery and non-standard equipment.